3 Adorable Wedding Themes Where You Can Hero the Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses


If you are tying the knot soon, one of the biggest concerns you will have apart from creating your own bridal look is what is going to be the look of the bridesmaids. And your bridesmaids also have a substantial opinion when it comes to deciding the look of the bridesmaids. So, have all your bridesmaids made it a little easier for you by picking chiffon as their choice of fabric for the dresses? Well, it might be easy for you if you choose a wedding theme that actually goes with the chiffon dresses but if your wedding theme is not something that can accommodate the light, easy-breezy, and romantic feel of the chiffon gowns, then you might be in a little bit of a trouble. Imagine you have a shimmery, 80s retro glam theme for your wedding and your crew of ladies walk to the aisle in chiffon dresses. It will be a total disaster.

If you feel that you don’t want to break the hearts of your bridesmaids and stick to their fabric of choice, you should try and work together on every element of the wedding that perfectly complements the chiffon bridesmaid dresses. So, here we have 3 interesting themes that go wonderfully with chiffon dresses. Take a look.

Brew a Beach Romance in Chiffon Dresses

If you love the surreal environment of the playful waves and shimmery sands, the beach is the right place to get married. While you take your vows amidst your friends and family, the setting sun and the gorgeous blue sea will bear witness to your soulful love story. And since beaches have a very romantic feel to it, chiffon gowns and evening dresses can perfectly complement this kind of a wedding theme. So, speak to your fiancée and other friends and family to plan a beach wedding where your lovely girl gang can sport a chiffon dress. Chiffon dresses are available in a variety of colors. But it is better to stick to pastel shades like blush pink, lavender, mauve, lemon yellow, or coral for the light and flowing chiffon gowns.


Revisit Childhood Fairytales while Flaunting Chiffons

Are you and your girlfriends inspired by fairytales and want to marry like a Disney Princess? Then, you can opt for a fairytale wedding. Think of the fancy, extravagant weddings of the vintage era and plan a traditional wedding. And since fairytale weddings were mostly about a king’s state, involving the love story of a prince or a princess, you should stick to classic gowns and dresses, both for you as the bride along with your girls’ squad as the doting bridesmaids. So, in this kind of a wedding theme, you can easily incorporate the chiffon gowns. Pick from a variety of styles. Go for one-shoulder, strapless, boat necklines, sweetheart necklines, or even halter. Such an elegant fabric can bring out any style and pattern of dresses.

Enjoy the Coziness of a Garden Wedding in Chiffon Dresses

Are you fond of cozy, intimate weddings and yet want it to be special? Rustic style garden weddings can be the best option for you. Plenty of greenery, wildflowers, and country music can uplift the mood of the wedding even if you have only a few guests around. And you don’t have to worry about your bridesmaids because chiffon dresses can look beautiful in such an earthy setting. So, deck-up your girl gang in lovely chiffon dresses, preferably in neutral shades like peach, beige, and ivory so that it can bring alive the colorful backdrop of this kind of a wedding theme.

So, now that you are aware of a few themes where chiffon can be the hero, or rather, the “shero” since it will be worn by the girls, don’t think twice. Start looking for a place where you can get gorgeous chiffon dresses. You can also check out SposaDresses if you want a wonderful variety of fabrics at great quality and prices.

Author Bio: Keith Brown, a fashion blogger, here writes on 3 wedding themes where one can hero the chiffon bridesmaid dresses. He also suggests checking out SposaDresses for great quality and prices.