3 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Wedding Budget Without Touching Your Dress Allowance

When it comes to life events, a wedding has the be one of the most expensive that you will incur. And rightfully so. With so much happening to create and achieve a great wedding, the costs quickly add up. It is these rising costs that often cause many brides to sacrifice parts of their wedding that they would prefer not to, such as the dress budget.

If this sounds like a bride you know or it sounds like you, below are some great ways that you can save serious money from your wedding budget without taking anything away from the dress!


Be Your Own Florist

Everybody knows that the florist is one of the most expensive aspects of a wedding. However, not everybody knows that flowers are actually a cheap item to buy. They just aren’t cheap if you buy them from a florist and then have them arranged.

Instead of hiring a florist, check out some floral arrangements online and find some that you like and ones that you are confident you can recreate yourself. Then, early one morning, head to your local flower market (keep in mind that this may mean a short drive) and speak with the growers and distributors directly. They will be more than happy to make a direct deal with you for your chosen date.

You Don’t Need a Wedding Photographer

There was once a time when owning a camera was a luxury! During this time, the wedding photography business was at its peak. Now, of course, the cost of cameras has reduced dramatically. For this reason, instead of paying a lot of money for a photographer, grab some basic point and shoot cameras from the Groupon Coupons page for Newegg and place them on your tables with instructions encourage your guests to use them to take their own happy snaps. At the end of the night, simply collect all of the cameras. You now have a wide selection of wedding photos from completely different points of view.

Hire a Car, Not a Driver

Nothing feels better than turning up to your wedding in a luxury car. However, this small arrival also comes at a high cost. This is because you not only have to hire the car but you also need to hire the driver. Instead, hire your own luxury car and have one of your guests, friends, or groom party drive you to the wedding. Because you have the car for a 24 hour period, you can also leave the car at the venue and have your friend drive you both home in it before returning it the next day!

When it comes to your wedding, there are a number of ways that you can keep your costs down without cutting into your dress budget, you just have to get creative. These are three great ways to help, however, also speak with your friends and family who have hosted a wedding before. They will often have examples where they wish they did something different that could be a big help during your own planning.