Month: June 2017

3 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Wedding Budget Without Touching Your Dress Allowance

When it comes to life events, a wedding has the be one of the most expensive that you will incur. And rightfully so. With so much happening to create and achieve a great wedding, the costs quickly add up. It is these rising costs that often cause many brides to sacrifice parts of their wedding that they would prefer not to, such as the dress budget.

If this sounds like a bride you know or it sounds like you, below are some great ways that you can save serious money from your wedding budget without taking anything away from the …

Great places to get married in the UK this summer

Summer is on it’s way and many couples will be looking forward to tying the knot and hoping for some sunshine on their big day. When deciding on where to get married you don’t need to opt for a location close to you. Here are some locations within the UK that are usually easy to get to for many and provide


Try Brighton for a wedding by the sea

Brighton has a lovely seaside and a great pier which can be perfect for an evening stroll after all the drama of the big day. Whilst Brighton might not be considered …